How Often Do You Check Your CV?

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If you haven’t looked at your CV in months or even years, you should definitely set some time aside to open it up and look through it soon. Whether you’re in the job market or not right now, keeping your CV updated is a smart move. It will be ready should you need it at a moment’s notice, and getting it perfect won’t seem like such a monumental task.

If you are in the job market and you have a CV that you have just updated, ensure you upload your latest CV on PNet to ensure you are found by the best recruiters! You will be more likely to have a perfect CV with no mistakes if you’ve spent time updating it regularly.

The Importance of a Short, Concise Cv
Your CV is usually your first introduction to a potential employer and will offer a first impression of you. Although you may want to put everything you have accomplished down on paper to present to your potential employer, it is not always a good idea.

For any one position there may be thousands of applications which means that interviewers will have to look through a large amount of CVs and narrow them down. Most companies simply don’t have the manpower or the time to read through every CV thoroughly when they are in the first stages of narrowing down the applications. 

Make sure yours makes the cut by following these tips:
  1. Keep your first submitted CV to one page only
  2. Put all essential information at the top of the page
  3. Make sure it is clear to read and understand
  4. List your work experience clearly
  5. Cut out excess information and stick to what is essential

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