Kenyatta University May 2019 Supplementary and Special Exams Notice

Special Exams Dates, Timetable

Kenyatta University Supplementary exams are done once you failed to meet the set pass mark in a particular Unit Course. Special exams are done for those who did not do exams for a particular reason.
2019 Kenyatta University Supplementary and Special Exams Dates and timetable
2019 Kenyatta University Supplementary and Special Exams Dates and timetable/Photo
Kenyatta University May 2019 Supplementary and Special Exams Notice
Attached herewith find the Final Examination timetable for Supplementary or Special Examination for Masters, Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate of Regular, IBP and DSVOL groups.
These Examinations are scheduled to be done from Monday 27th May to Friday 31″ May 2019
The above examination will be done in the undermentioned rooms.
EBRO30 for undergraduate and EBR100 for postgraduate programmes respectively. The halls are located in the new college of Education complex.
In case of any additional unit(s) the department is expected first to confirm the proposed dates to the affected students before forwarding the official written request to timetabling section.
The above timetable has been posted on the KU-website, Chairmen corporate e-mail and Directors of campuses e-mails.

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