TCU: UTARATIBU WA KUHAMA CHUO - First Year Students Transfer Procedures | UDAHILI Updates 2019
The Universities Act Cap.346 Section 5(1) (f) grants the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) the mandate to establish transfer procedures for students wishing to transfer from one university to another and from one programme to another.

1.0 Introduction

First year students transfers are of two categories: Inter- University Transfer, and Intra-University Transfer.
Inter-University transfer allows a selected student to transfer from one Institution to another, whether within the same or different programme whereas Intra -University transfer allows students to change a programme within an institution.

2.0 Conditions for transfer

a) Applications for transfers should be submitted in writing through the institution to which a student wants to transfer to;

b) The student to be transferred must have been previously admitted into a degree programme;

c) The programme to which transfer is sought must have empty slots to accommodate new students;

d) The applicant must possess the minimum entry requirements for that particular degree programme;

e) Receiving Institutions/ Faculty should approve the transfer in writing and submit to TCU for validation and documentation within the set deadline

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