Nteghenjwa Hosseah, OR-TAMISEMI
About 70 new members of the TEHAMA cadre were employed in February, 2019 and sent to OR-TAMISEMA Headquarters, Regional Secretariat, Local Government Authorities, Rural Road and Urban Agencies (TARURA) and FAS buses. and training capacity building on ICT systems managed by the President’s Office.

Speaking during training The training administrator James Mtatifikolo said this five-day training is aimed at developing capacity to manage, operate and coordinate the existing OR-TAMISEMI systems with its institutions to ensure that they have a common understanding of working on the systems in their places.

“OR-TAMISEMI has more than ten systems that fall directly into the Regions, Councils and others reach to the service centers so we have seen that our new experts are trained to get a better understanding of how best to manage the systems”. The school is.

And the National Trainer from Mara Regional Office, Stephano Amoni, said that TEHAMA officials continue with your training well and are actively involved in this training that makes learning work easier.
TAMISEMI Taarifa Kwa Walioajiriwa TEHAMA

“You know when you teach people who are good at systems and they understand the things of TEHAMA work it is easy to give them only the basic things that they are going to meet in these systems that are the ones that they now meet with OR-TAMISEMI and its Institutions” said Amon.

And the Tehama Officer from the Lei District, Tabora Region, Ludao William says the training is increasingly increasing their skills and understanding to deal with more systems.

“You know that each of us has an understanding of the systems of this OR-TAMISEMI system we are not going to work for. The education we get here will make us better officers in our Councils and Regions”

The five-day training is being held at Umonga Secondary School and is run by Experts from OR-TAMISEMI, National Trainers from Regional Administration and Local Government Authorities, TEHAMA Directors from Institutions whose systems are applied to Regions and Councils and Experts from the Public Sector Improvement Project

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