The Definite Dos and Don’ts of Interviews: Be On Time and Don’t Fidget

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Arriving late to an interview definitely won’t impress your potential future employer. Nor will constantly fidgeting, as this will make it seem as though you are not confident enough in your personal attributes and in your skillset. Watch this video to see what can go wrong if you fall victim to the aforementioned no-nos, and stay tuned to see how it should be done.

Preparing your mind for your big interview

Preparation for any interview or big meeting is essential. You research the company, practice answers to common interview questions, plan your outfit and ensure that you will arrive on time, but do we spend enough time getting our mindsets right?

Think positive

Take a moment to clear your mind and just breath

Don’t overthink

Be yourself

Clean Up Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter is often the very first thing that potential employers will see before they even open your CV. While you may want to fill it with all your achievements and a long and earnest plea to be given a chance to show how wonderful you are, potential employers don’t have time to read paragraphs and paragraphs. Try these tips to grab attention from the get go:

Keep it short – two paragraphs is more than enough

Spellcheck – use it

Search for words like ‘really’ and ‘very’ and then remove them

Make sure your contact information is correct

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