Tips That Will Help You Stop Fidgeting During an Interview

Controlling one’s nerves during a job interview is often quite challenging indeed. However, even though you are terrified inside, the key to success lies in your capacity to convince your potential employer that you are calm, collected and confident. If, instead, you come across as nervous and unsure, your potential employer might start to doubt your abilities and wonder whether you are, in fact, a good fit for the role on offer.

Ultimately, while sweaty palms and shaking are indeed symptoms of anxiety, the most obvious tell-tale sign is that of fidgeting. According to a recent study, approximately 26% of applicants lose out on a job opportunity as a result of their fidgeting. Here are some tips to stop this from happening to you.

Talk with Your Hands
In an effort to ensure that you fidget less while answering your interviewer’s questions, talk with your hands. By making gestures with your hands while speaking, you will be unable to fidget – and will come across as a much more confident and animated person as a result. However, keep the gesturing subtle as too many frantic movements could end up having the opposite effect!

Clasp Your Hands when Listening
While the interviewer is talking to you, gently clasp your hands upon the table and make an effort to avoid moving them, unless you need to explain something that warrants a hand gesture. If you can’t manage this, place your hands underneath the table instead.

Fidgeting is caused by anxious energy, so, in order to reduce this energy, it is important for you to breathe. Deep inhalations and long exhalations will help you to calm both your body and your mind. It is a good idea to maintain this breathing both before and during the interview, as it will give you something else to focus on so that you will be able to control your fidgeting tendencies.

Avoid Caffeine and Sugar
Caffeine and sugar will only make your anxiety levels worse. They are sure to make you jittery and restless, and a lot less likely to be able to calm yourself down. Instead, stabilise your blood sugar levels by ensuring that you eat a wholesome, natural and filling meal beforehand.
Reducing your need to fidget when nervous is all about ‘mind over matter’. By keeping the aforementioned tips in mind, you are certain to enter the interview room a much more confident person.

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