Which colours are the best to wear to an interview?

For many years, extensive studies have shown the psychological and physiological effects of colours on human beings. Taking this into account, it is easy to see why the colours that you choose to wear to an interview could have a profound effect on the impression that you make on your potential employer. Let’s take a look at colour psychology and which colours are the best to wear to an interview:

If all else fails, always revert to blue hues when you are picking out your interview outfit, with navy blue being touted as the most successful colour to wear. The colour blue evokes feelings of stability, trustworthiness, loyalty, confidence, security and reliability. It is easy to see why you would want your interviewer to get these feelings about you when you meet with him / her.

Black is a popular colour for interview attire, particularly because it always looks smart and professional. The colour black has been proven to conjure up feelings of authority, leadership, sophistication and exclusivity. When you consider all of the associations with this colour, it is preferable to wear black when interviewing for a more senior position.

Red is a very strong, vibrant colour, so wear red items in interviews with caution. Red is associated with passion, power, energy and often aggression, so to counteract the overt nature of this colour, it is best to wear red accents in your outfit rather than attire dominated by it. A red scarf or a pair of red shoes can add just the right amount of confidence and passion to your look.

White is another safe, dependable colour. It inspires feelings of simplicity, precision, calm and organisation. If you are interviewing for a position where you know that these are the desired personal attributes, then you can’t go wrong with a white outfit. Pair a white blouse or shirt with navy blue trousers or a pencil skirt and you have the best of both worlds.

Grey is a mellow colour that can be a bit dull and uninspiring. It is, however, a ‘safe’ colour and will portray you as being dependable and responsible.

Greens, yellows, oranges, purples and pinks:
All of these colours are ‘fun’ colours, with yellows spurring thoughts of cheer and positivity, and the others similar feelings, including creativity. Wearing bolder colours is more of a risk, but can work to your advantage when you are interviewing for a creative position in a more relaxed environment. Consider these colours when being interviewed for marketing jobs.

When you are choosing your interview outfit, remember that you should be focusing on making a statement with your personality and skills, rather than with what you are wearing. This is not a fashion show, and if you feel, even for a moment, that what you are wearing may be slightly inappropriate, then don’t wear it.

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