Why university applicants must choose degree programmes wisely

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Those planning to pursue Bachelor of Education in arts  should reconsider their decisions.
With thousands of teachers still unemployed, the fact is; the government’s preference has changed and science teachers are the ones in demand.
However, for those craving the noble profession for the sake employing themselves  it is not a waste of time.
Finding by The Citizen shows that the demand for arts subjects’ teachers for secondary schools has dropped sharply both in government and private schools.
The poor demand means all applicants eyeing the courses must be wiser. They have to consider pursuing others courses if they want immediate employment after graduation.
By December last year, the President’s office-Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-Ralg) said it had 7,463 of arts teachers who were in 3,602 public secondary schools.
This was quite different from public primary schools where there was the demand of 47,151 arts teachers.
The high number of arts subjects’ teachers in secondary school teachers has  prompted the government to come up with a plan of reallocating 7,000 teachers to the public primary schools to solve the current shortage.

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