Bachelor of arts in History

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History is about change and continuity over time and space. Historians gain an understanding of c omplex cause-and-effect relationships by gathering, organizing and evaluating historical sources from a variety of academic perspectives.

Key Skills & Knowledge

Verbal communication: Deliver presentations, mediate in disputes and conflicts; listen objectively, compare and contrast ideas and information

Written communication: Explaining ideas, writing and presenting information; compiling carefully reasoned reports and essays

Synthesis of information: Synthesize a large amount of information and draw conclusions based on that information, thorough, precise and attentive to detail, reading comprehension

Research: Interdisciplinary methodology and perspective, conduct and explain research clearly, forecast possible future trends

Organization: Carry out tasks with thoroughness, precision, and attention to detail, meet deadlines, manage projects

Degree specific: History of various geographical areas and time periods as well as geographical areas and time periods, understand and interpret the past and the influence of "perspective" on facts

Historical knowledge: Appreciation and awareness of cultural differences, exposure to different cultural environments, an appreciation and awareness of cultural difference through the influence of different historical factors

Analysis and evaluation: Understand the sense of "sequence" and interrelationship between events, evaluate historical data, critical and analytical thinking

Problem solving: Develop systematic procedures for investigating a problem, making sound judgments based on research and analysis of data, approaching topics and problems from various perspectives; analyzing multiple dimensions of a problem; identifying problems and developing solutions; decision-making skills through logical reasoning

Computer skills: Word processing

Keen, critical eye: Assess the validity of sources and the impact of bias on our perception of past events

Sample Job Titles

Admissions Officer
Archivist / Archivist Assistant
Educational Program Coordinator
Exhibit Designer
Foreign Service Officer
Genealogist/ Genealogical Assistant
Heritage Assistant
Historic Interpreter
Historic Site Administrator / Officer
Intelligence Officer
Librarian / Reference Coordinator
Museum Educator
Photograph Cataloguer
Policy / Program Analyst
Preservation/Restoration Assistant
Projects/Program Coordinator
Researcher / Research Assistant
Restoration Assistant
Tour Guide / Director

Potential Industries

Aboriginal Relations
Antiques & Appraising
Archives & Libraries
Art Galleries & Collections
Business/Market Research Firms
Communications & Media
Community Development
Culture and Heritage
Database / Records Management
Economic Development
Exporting / Importing
Historic Sites/Societies
International Organizations
Non-profit & NGO organizations
Parks & Recreation
Policy Planning
Post-Secondary Institutions
Research and Development

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