Bachelor of arts in Theatre Arts

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Benefits of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre:
A true Liberal Arts Degree
As we are exposed to new experiences, we uncover parts of ourselves we never knew existed. Sometimes we find something we are passionate about and it becomes our identity and we don’t bother venture around the next bend. If you are pursuing a BA, you have the luxury of expanding your identity and finding more passion in unexpected places. Unlike many BFA students, you have the freedom to commit yourself to volunteering, studying abroad, joining student groups, attending campus and community events and seeking internships. If you are interested in acting, directing, play writing or designing, these new experiences will increase your repertoire of ideas to draw upon and will only enrich your work. In fact, many graduate programs for directing, dramaturgy and play writing prefer Bachelor of Arts students who have a broader liberal arts degree.

Make your own opportunities
The Bachelor of Arts program leaves you with a lot of freedom and that can be a little intimidating for those who are unsure of their direction and want more guidance. I promise that taking charge of your own education will benefit you in the long run. Bachelor of Arts students often have to make their own opportunities. Those who learn to be assertive and self-motivated can make the most out of the BA program and gain of level of independence critical for venturing into the theater world as well as other job markets after graduation.

Having chosen to do a drama and theatre studies degree, you might believe that you’re destined to share the stage with acting greats or take an exclusive role. In any case, a drama degree will provide you with a fantastic platform from which to enter a range of interesting sectors...
Advertising, Marketing & PR
Art & Design
Charity, Not-for-profit & NGO
Culture, Music & Performing Arts
Hospitality & Tourism
Management Consulting & Business
Public Sector & Defence
Recruitment & Human Resources
Retail & Sales
Teaching & Education

 you should be getting “curiouser and curiouser” about your future career prospects by now. If you’d like to stay in Wonderland, however, and want us to show you how deep the rabbit hole goes, check out some of the different roles you could secure with your drama and theatre studies degree…
Adult Education Lecturer
Advertising Account Executive
Advertising Art Director
Art Therapist
Broadcast Journalist
Broadcast Presenter
Charity Officer
Commissioning Editor
Community Arts Worker
Drama Teacher
Early Years Teacher
Editorial Assistant
Education Administrator
Event Organizer
Exhibition Designer
Fashion Designer
Film Director
Fine Artist
Further Education Lecturer
Human Resources Officer
Interior Designer
Jewellery Designer
Lighting Technician (Broadcasting/Film)
Location Manager
Magazine Features Editor
Magazine Journalist
Make-Up Artist
Marketing Executive
Newspaper Journalist
Photographic Stylist
Press Officer
Press Photographer
Primary School Teacher
Production Designer (Theatre, TV, Film)
Programme Researcher
Public Librarian
Radio Broadcast Assistant
Radio Producer
Recruitment Consultant
Retail Manager
Runner (Broadcasting/Film)
Sales Promotion Account Executive
Secondary School Teacher
Speech Therapist
Teacher (Abroad)
Television Floor Manager
Television Production Assistant
Theatre Director
Theatre Stage Manager
Volunteer Coordinator
Youth Worker

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