Call for Projects: Fondation SUEZ grant program

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Deadline: 30-Oct-21

The Fondation SUEZ is pleased to launch a Call for Projects that aim at providing food aid, basic necessities (non-food), assessment missions, mobile water treatment plants and sanitation infrastructures as well as their implementation, medico-psycho-social support.

The Foundation may renew its support for the project (the Foundation may support several projects from the same structure) 1 to 2 times, the renewal of the project being conditional on receipt of the final report from the first support.

Project Priorities

  • The Fondation SUEZ will prioritize projects:
    • whose start date for the insertion projects is at least 6 months after the project submission date;
    • being the subject of financial partnerships and skill-based sponsorship developed with international solidarity organizations and specialized non-profit institutions
    • capable of integrating the skill-based sponsorship missions of Group employees
    • with multi-territory deployment,
    • taking into account the sustainability of results through
      • with a clearly identified demand and the determination of the populations concerned to contribute towards maintaining the service or activity to be created,
      • the autonomy of the population concerned
      • corresponding to the national or regional policies adopted in the domain considered,
      • with commitment and support shown towards the project by local stakeholders: user associations, local resident communities, local authorities etc.
      • introduction of post-project monitoring
    • which have impact measuring thanks to indicators and assessment mechanisms based on transparency, in conjunction – where possible – with the authorities in the countries concerned,
    • of general interest,
    • coherent with the other projects implemented on the same theme in the same geographical zone; for access to essential service projects: resource preservation, integrated management of the receiving environment, collection, and treatment management…
    • searching for efficiency and sustainable improvement of people’s living conditions
    • searching for the sustainability of the action thanks to the relevance of the diagnosis to be carried out upstream to be able to measure the impact of the achievements of the project
  • The Foundation pays particular attention to projects aimed at women/young girls and refugees.


  • Access to Essential Services — in emerging and developing countries in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, primarily where SUEZ and its subsidiaries are present
    • For a first endowment with a new partner, it can be up to 50 K€ maximum. Otherwise, the endowments for these projects go up to a maximum of 80 K€. The Foundation considers both one-time and multi-year projects:
      • Development aid projects for the most vulnerable (access to water, sanitation, and waste management)
      • Projects in informal urban peri-urban and rural areas if support from local authorities of the project is secured.
      • Project including a training component on the improvement of services and their management, staff training, and actions to sensitize residents to hygiene and health issues.
      • Emergency projects, supporting emergency and post-emergency humanitarian operations in the field of access to essential services (water, sanitation, waste).
    • However, it only supports associations, organizations or institutions that have demonstrated the relevance and impact of their action and the sustainability of their results in previous projects.
  • Social Insertion and Social Cohesion — in France
    • For a first endowment with a new partner, it can be up to 25 K€ maximum. Otherwise, the endowments for these projects go up to a maximum of 40 K€. It is recommended that the duration of insertion projects be a minimum of one year, either academic or calendar, with priority given to multi-year projects:
      • Social integration projects, with priority given to environmental issues (reuse, recycling, organic farming, reduction of climate impact, etc.), promoting employment and training for vulnerable people who are far from employment. The Foundation wishes to contribute to the social and economic revitalization of the territories in the long term.
      • Social cohesion projects aimed at minors and young adults, and their families, through education, culture, and sport in disadvantaged neighborhoods (QPV) and priority education networks (REP), as well as in fragile rural areas.
    • The innovative nature of the approach and the project as well as its anchoring in social policies will be particularly examined.

Eligibility of Project Initiators

  • The Foundation supports projects proposed by project initiators:
    • with an associative legal status, a Foundation or Endowment Fund status recognized as being of public utility
    • which have been legally established for at least 2 years prior to the date of the submission of the project application
  • The Foundation gives priority to applicants possessing local divisions or reporting a very close partnership with a local structure, facilitating project follow-up and an ex-post follow-up of the projects.

General Criteria

  • The Foundation can contribute maximum up to 50% maximum of the project’s total budget.
  • The SUEZ Foundation supports projects in territories where SUEZ and its subsidiaries are present to:
    • Strengthen synergies
    • Make volunteering missions possible
    • Facilitate skill-based sponsorship.

For more information, visit https://www.fondation-suez.com/en/

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