If I get discontinues from studying what should I do with the Higher Education Student Loans Board(HESLB)?

Beneficiary when he or she lacks the qualifications to continue his or her studies by failing his or her studies or misconduct. 

Usually, the Higher Education Student Loans Board(HESLB) suspends the loan to the beneficiary. The beneficiary should start planning to repay the loan money he has already spent.

Whereby HESLB posted the procedure for making a repayment on  https://heslb.go.tz, so it is advisable for the beneficiary to visit this website to read more information as here I have written as a summary.


 It is advisable for the loan beneficiary to devote all your energy to academic activities while in college, as failing to do so may jeopardize your chances of continuing your studies and you will also be a credit card debtor even though you have not fulfilled your dreams

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