New Job Opportunity at SNV Tanzania - Business Development Services (BDS) Consultancy

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Company Description
SNV is a not-for-profit international development organization founded in the Netherlands nearly 50 years ago. SNV has built a long-term, local presence in 38 of the poorest countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. SNV works with local based development partners, other civil society organizations, government institutions and businesses to develop the capacities of local communities. Through its works, SNV links local communities to basic service providers to increase their income and to empower local communities to fight against poverty and take ownership of their own development.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Sector
In WASH, SNV aims to impact the lives of under-served communities in rural, peri-urban, and small town areas to improve their health and well-being through our contribution to (1) adequate and sustainable access to safe, sufficient, and reliable drinking water, and (2) access to improved sanitation and sustained hygiene behavior change as part of their daily lives. We do this through a programmatic approach in the following key areas
1) Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene for All (SSH4A).
2) Functionality of Rural Water Supply Services (RWSS).
3) Sustainable Water Supply Services in Small Towns (and Peri-urban Areas) (WSST).

In all these programs, SNV provides capacity building support to national and local government institutions towards better service delivery through improved targeting, transparency and efficiency of investments, more equitable access, improved management of assets, and improved alignment to the sector policies and guidelines.

Objectives of the Assignment
The main objectives of this assignment are to:
1. Facilitate project partners and selected entrepreneurs to review developed business models for re-use of faecal matter as biomass fuels in Arusha and co-compost in Shinyanga;
2. Develop financial viable business plans for the two businesses;
3. Review different partnership models and develop suitable partnership agreements

Job Description

SNV is seeking the services of suitable organisation/consultant(s) to deliver high quality, cost effective advisory services to the envisaged businesses. The assignment will be focused on providing business advisory skills/services that will contribute to maximizing the sustainability, productivity and/or growth potential of the businesses.

Advisory Services to be provided include:

  • Business Management Skills: This may include advice on general business management, legal issues, supply-chain management, e-commerce take-up and the use of information technology etc.
  • Financial Management Skills: This may include advice on accounting practices, cash flow, and guidance on available banking and finance products, credit management.
  • Business Planning Advice: This may include a diagnostic assessment of individual Enterprises/Service Provider, followed by business planning advice that meets their needs incorporating things such as business continuity and marketing plans.
  • Mentoring and Networking for Business: This may include one-on-one, group sessions and networking opportunities for Enterprises and distributors or other related enterprises.
  • General Business Advice: This may include providing advice and tailored knowledge to businesses, including recommendations about government programs and regulatory compliance.

The organisation/consultant(s) must be practical and be oriented towards action learning for participants to build business skills and/or organisation capability and may include mentoring. Business advisory services must be delivered in a flexible manner that suits the needs of the project partners involved.

In view of the above background, SNV Tanzania is looking for a motivated consultant(s)/firm to review and develop business and partnership models, plans and agreements for the briquette and co-composting businesses.

The Consultant(s) will work closely with SNV Advisors and partners and will be responsible for the following key deliverable.
1.Two Reviewed Business Models: One for fecal-matter biomass fuel business in Arusha and one co-composting business in Shinyanga.
2. Two Developed business plans: One for fecal-matter biomass fuel business in Arusha and one forco-composting business in Shinyanga. The business plan should include the following chapters:

  • Company Overview - Organisation/Partnership Structure, Key Milestones, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Proposed businesses description – Product, Description of Business, Legal Status, Patenting, Type of Business ownership, Value Proposition, Overall Growth Plan
  • Industry overview and risk analysis – Environmental Analysis, Other Risk Analysis, Need Analysis including Certification
  • Market analysis – Customer Analysis & Competitor Analysis
  • Market strategies – Marketing and Sales Strategy incl. Pricing, Distribution Strategy and Customer and Business Relationships
  • Operation plan – Raw Materials, Production, Staffing, Assets
  • Implementation plan– Pilot Year and First 5 Years of Operation, Sales and Marketing
  • Financial information – Performance Summary 1 Year Pilot Phase as well as Projections for Year 1 to Year 5.

3. Assessment of financial viability of the two businesses with project partners and stakeholders
4. Monitoring and reporting tools for the two businesses to use tracking business performance
5. Partnership models and partnership agreements developed for the two businesses
6. Marketing strategy for biomass-fuels and co-compost in place including pricing and branding concepts
7. Facilitation of a workshop in which businesses development service deliverable are presented
8. Documentation of the process including workshop report and a concise final report on the overall process, emerging lessons and key recommendations
The consultant(s) shall submit each deliverable in soft as well as hard copies.


The consultant(s) is expected to work in close consultation with SNV and relevant partners on a regular basis. Feedback from SNV and partners must be incorporated into the subsequent works and reports.

The proposed team composition (if more than one person) must clearly demonstrate how their combined skills and experience bring the necessary relevant expertise for this assignment in:
  • Relevant advanced academic qualification in market and/or business development or related field
  • Relevant experience in developing business models and business plans
  • Relevant experience in developing marketing, distribution and sales strategies
  • Relevant experience in financial viability analysis and projections for businesses
  • Relevant experience in developing partnership models and partnership agreements
  • Relevant experience in training, mentoring and coaching businesses
  • An advantage is relevant experience in WASH service delivery including previous experience in Urban Sanitation
  • Proficiency in English and Swahili required, both written and oral
Selection criteria for engagement
Applicants are advised that proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Technical Criteria
Maximum score

Past Performance – Quality and relevance of previous work conducted by the consultant(s). References provided by the contracting companies and two samples of comparable, previous work completed by the firm/consultant(s) within the last 12 months (e.g.: business plans or models).
30 marks

Technical Proposal – demonstrating clear understanding of the assignment, a viable and appropriate methodology, and a realistic operational plan
50 marks

Team Composition and structure – Relevance of the proposed team structure to the methodology and the task assigned; Qualifications and relevant experience of the key personnel
20 marks

Mandatory requirements – Copies of:

• TIN number
• Business license or Recent tax clearance
• Copy of company/NGO registration certificate
Failure to provide the documents above will result in immediate elimination of the bidding process.

· Technical criteria are weighted at 70%.
· The minimum pass of technical criteria is 50 points
· Financial proposal are weighted at 30%
· Send two separate files: 1st file - Technical proposal, and 2nd file - Financial proposal.

Additional Information
The consultant(s) is responsible for mobilization while SNV will support coordination processes in the field (where required), while the consultant will be responsible for overall outputs.
· Interested and capable consultant(s) are requested to submit their technical and financial proposals including proposed work plan, CVs of the proposed team, two references and two samples of previous relevant work e.g., business plan/financial viability analysis.
· Financial proposal (in Tanzanian Shillings) submitted must be inclusive of all taxes - VAT inclusive. Please note that under Tanzanian law, a withholding tax (WHT) of 5% for Tanzania organisations is deducted at source and paid directly to TRA.

· Costs including travel (Flights, taxi, public transport), accommodation, and subsistence costs for consultants or participants for field work as well as any workshop/meeting related costs meeting will be covered by SNV directly using standard SNV rates. These should be indicated as activities which will require budget but not detailed in the financial proposal. Other reimbursable costs not indicated above should be included in the budget.

How to apply
Qualified audit firms who are interested in this opportunity are invited to apply by submitting electronic copies of the above required documents by the 5th November 2021 to:

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