what are the criteria the loan board is looking at providing loans?

The loan board (HESLB) uses several criteria to identify eligible loan applicants and qualifications

The following are the things that the loan board can look at:

1. If the applicant is an orphan, the Loan board gives him or her priority

2. If the applicant comes from a poor family, gave it a priority

3. The applicant will get a loan if selected for the priority program

4. If the applicant has completed the loan application form fully and accurately

5. As a loan applicant, he does not have the support of being paid tuition fees and subsistence allowance by other institutions

why do many HESLB loan applicants complain they have missed out  a loan even though they are qualified?

many applicants have been complaining they have all the qualifications to get a loan but they do not get it this is because they do not read well the criteria set by the higher education student loan board or rely on only one criterion although HESLB they have given all criteria some priority, also the criteria have different weights

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