what are the untrue things about getting a loan allocation from a Higher Education Student Loans Board(HESLB)?

1. you will not get a loan if you have studied in private schools

Not true

The Higher Education Student Loans Board(HESLB provides loans to all students in need, as there are students who have also attended private schools and whereby provided with tuition fees by religious institutions and not all of them could pay their own fees, some students come from middle-class families but have attended low-cost private schools

2. You cannot get a loan by filling out a loan application form with a blue ink pen

Not true

on the loan application form, there is an explicit statement confirming that the applicant can complete the loan application form with a black or blue ink pen, this argument was an old view

3. you will not get a loan allocation if you have a former loan beneficiary and you discontinued on studies

Not true
The former beneficiary must repay a certain percentage of his or her previous loan so that he can apply for a loan once again and if he still has the qualifications to get a loan, they will offer him a loan

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