what procedures do I have to follow in order to be paid a loan by the Higher Education Student Loans Board(HESLB)?

In order for the board to make the payment, the beneficiary must follow these procedures

1. The beneficiary must register fully at the Higher learning institution, otherwise will disqualify him/her from receiving the money.

2. The Higher Education Student Loans Board(HESLB) must receive the additional beneficiary information. The responsibility for sending such information belongs to the institution in which they have admitted the beneficiary and fully register them.

3. The beneficiary receives a special form showing the disbursement of his loan and he must sign the form in case the beneficiary cannot sign the form within the stipulated time and the loans board will cancel disbursement.


if the loan beneficiary will register at a higher education institution that differs from the one that the TCU sent to the Higher Education Student Loans Board(HESLB), the beneficiary will not receive the loan money until he/she asks for a re-allocation

if the beneficiary changes his / her pre-selected program, the amount of his / her loan will not change until he/she requests re-allocation

in the end, the loans board continues to keep track of the progress of the beneficiary in Higher learning Institutions from time to time in order to make disbursement decision 

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