Call For Interview at Magereza 2021

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The Tanzania Prisons Service (TPS) was officially established as a fully-fledged Government Department on 25th August, 1931. Prior to that date, the Service was administered under the Police Force. This change did not result in much improvement of prisons conditions as the emphasis remained on safe custody. 

The incarceration of inmates in maximum security institutions built in major towns and district centers, hard labour and racial segregation in their treatment was a significant feature of the prisons reality. This prisons policy was reflective of its philosophical basis of retribution and incapacitation that prevailed all though the German colonial era ending 1919 and the British protectorate era ending with independence in 1961.

Following the Government’s strategy to enhance its performance, it has provided employment opportunities to Ministries and various Government institutions in various positions according to its requirements.

Call For Interview at Magereza 2021 | Walioitwa kwenye interview Jeshi la Magereza

Following the vacancies offered by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, His Excellency Samia Suluhu Hassan, the Commissioner General of Prisons is announcing to the youths who have applied for such jobs through the Prisons Service headquarters that there will be interviews for the youths from 2 December 2021, to 6 December. , in the Maj Gen SM Mzee compound located at the Army Headquarters, Prisons Highway, Dodoma starting at 2.30am.

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