Concrete Mixer Truck Operators, November 2021

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On behalf of client, Kazini Kwetu Ltd is looking for Concrete Mixer Truck Operators to work in Ruangwa, Lindi. The desired candidate should have prior work experience in a similar operations in the construction or mining sector. 


  • Prepares for the day by conducting a pre-trip inspection of the mixer truck prior to the first load.
  • Checks the load of concrete for proper slump prior to delivery to the site, verifying that the concrete complies with the company quality standards.
  • Drives mixer truck to and from job sites delivering and unloading concrete for customers.
  • Learns the rules of the job site prior to delivering a load, which includes finding the wash out area, understanding when/where to unload concrete, determining the proper way to travel to the job site.
  • Maintains a good working relationship with customers to provide excellent customer service as drivers are the front line in customer service.
  • Conducts a post trip inspection at the end of the work day, fueling up and preparing truck for the next business day.
  • Maintain a clean, debris free mixer truck according to the clean truck guidelines per company policy.
  • Maintains all paperwork and turns in daily to plant operator.


  • Experience in driving a Concrete Mixer truck
  • Must have relevant driving license.

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