5 Job Vacancies at Barrick – Bulyanhulu Gold Mine LTD December 2021


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Integrity. Initiative. And a bit of truthful ingenuity. Three principles born out of the enterprising instincts of our founders and nurtured every day across the diversified interests of Barrick Group.

Humble beginnings fuelled by burgeoning aspirations led to the inception of Barrick Group’s first commercial venture in 2003 – a general trading company solely specialising in food and consumable products for the UAE and African markets.

A move that set the prologue to the Group’s success story. As the Middle Eastern and African markets continued underlining their presence on the global map, our business continued growing in parallel. Our traded volumes in 2014 alone were approx. 6600 containers of perishable and non-perishable items to our vast network of traders, partners and clients across the region.

Today, Barrick Group is further enriched through diversity, as our commercial ventures now encompass F&B, Retail and HORECA Brand Management & Distribution, Food Commodities Trading, Consulting, and Light Manufacturing.While the GCC remains our niche, our scale of operations have also expanded to cover our home base in Canada.

From start-up to now, our journey has crossed numerous milestones, including becoming financially self-sufficient. This sustainability has enabled us to grow without any financial liabilities, a remarkable accomplishment in today’s times.

Barrick Group’s management and head office remain rooted in Dubai.


Barrick Bulyanhulu and the North Mara Gold Mine is inviting applications from Tanzanians to fill jobs listed below. Click on interested jobs for more informations and how to apply.

Please forward applications before 20th December, 2021.

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