Bachelor Of Science In Computer Networks And Information Security Engineering

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The BSc CNISE degree programme is designed to produce highly qualified personnel with knowledge and skills required to address new and evolving computer networks and information security challenges facing governments, companies and individuals.

What and how will you learn? 

In this programme students will acquire the knowledge to contribute in theoretical foundations and critical analysis of application areas within the Computer networks and information security industry. Learning shall be through class lectures, seminars, Industrial training and internships

Entry requirements

Direct entry qualifications

Two principal passes in Advanced Mathematics and either Physics or Computer science. 

Equivalent entry qualifications

Diploma or Full Technician Certificate (FTC) in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Telecommunication Networks, Computer Engineering, Computer Networks, or Telecommunication with an average of “B’’ or a minimum GPA of 3.0.


Graduates in this field can find employment in a wide spectrum of public and private enterprises. Job opportunities may include computer networks engineer, information security engineer, educators, IT security specialist, information security auditors, etc.

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