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The e-Government Authority (e-GA) is established in 2019 under the e-Government Act, No. 10 of 2019. It is a public institution mandated to coordinate, oversee and promote e-Government initiatives as well as enforce e-Government related policies, laws, regulations, standards and guidelines in public institutions.

e-GA is a succeeding institution to e-Government Agency which was a semi-autonomous institution established in 2012 under the Executive Agencies Act, No.30 Cap. 245 of 1997 with the mandate of coordination, oversight and promotion of e-Government initiatives.

Before the establishment of the Agency, ICT initiatives in the Government were coordinated and managed by the then Directorate of Management of Information Systems (DMIS), now Directorate of Information and Communication Technology Systems (DICTS) under the President’s Office, Public Service Management. The Agency became operational effective in April 2012 and officially inaugurated in July 2012 and ceased after seven years of operation.

The e-Government Act, No. 10 of 2019 stipulates the roles, functions and powers of the Authority for effective implementation of e-Government.

Roles and Functions

EGA Tanzania has the following major functions:

Enhancing provision of sustainable e-Government services to Public Institutions

e-GA is committed to undertake a number of interventions to enable public institutions to deliver efficient and effective ways of accessing and using e-services by:

  • Increasing channels to access Government e-services;
  • Streamlining consultancy, advisory and technical support service delivering mechanisms;
  • Improving e-Government Human Resource capacity in public institutions;
  • Facilitating public institutions to access reliable and secured shared e-Government infrastructure and systems;
  • Strengthening coordination of cyber security initiatives in Public Institutions.

Enhancing compliance to policies, laws, regulations, standards, and guidelines related to e-Government initiatives in Public Institutions

e-GA intends to improve and accelerate coordination and harmonization of e-Government initiatives to simplify public service delivery to citizens by:

  • Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation of e-Government initiatives within public service
  • Issuing standards and guidelines periodically for e-government implementation.
  • Supporting public institutions to apply e-Government standards and guidelines during planning, acquisition and implementation stages of their respective e-Government initiatives.

Enhancing e-Government Research, Innovation and Development

e-GA is strengthening e-Government Research, Innovation and Development Centre (e-GovRIDC). e-GovRIDC serves as a think-tank and knowledge base that will keep Government abreast on latest technological solutions for improving public service delivery to support the Five Year Development Plan (FYDP-III) that focuses on making ICT as driving force towards information economy within which the whole World operates in. This is done through:

  • Strengthening the implementation of e-Government Research, Innovation and Development Center;
  • Strengthening e-Government initiatives collaborative framework;
  • Conducting research in the areas of e-Government competitiveness.

Contact Us
President’s Office, Public Service Management and Good Governance
e-Government Authority, Mtumba-Mtandao Street
P.O.Box 2833,DODOMA
+255 026 – 296 1957
Help Desk
0764292299 / 0763292299

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