Lecturers Department Of Midwifery And Department Of Medical Surgical At CUHAS December 2021

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i. Qualifications:
  • A holder of a PhD or equivalent degree with a Master’s Degree in Nursing and a GPA of 4 or with an average of B+ grade from a recognized Institution plus a GPA of 3.5 and above from the undergraduate studies. Must be registered by respective Council/Board.
  • Teaching experience of 2 years is an added advantage
ii. General Attributes
  • Adherence to professional ethic
  • Ability to design set, administer and supervise different assessment items
  • Ability to recognize students having difficulties, intervene and provide help and support
  • Ability to mark student scripts and course work assessment items and provide feedback
  • Computer skills and application
  • Ability to prepare and deliver own teaching materials
  • Potential to be a good role model and steer students towards dedication to learning, creativity and problem solving
  • Possession of sufficient breadth and depth of specialist knowledge in the relevant discipline and of teaching methods and techniques to work within own area
  • Ability to carry out independent research and provide feedback and
  • Ability to supervise research and other knowledge generating and development activities
iii.Duties and Responsibilities
Main purpose of the post
  • Effective teaching
  • Knowledge advancement through research
  • Delivery of quality services; and
  • Effective realisation of the institution’s mission
iv. Key Functions

  •  Deliver face to face teaching including lectures, small group tutorials, seminars and bedside teaching (where appropriate) across a range of backgrounds of students including undergraduates, postgraduates and Interns.
  • Participate in the preparation and organization of the undergraduate and postgraduate core teaching and assessment programme including organizing journal clubs.
  • Develop online teaching material and other online resources.
  • Develop and implement new methods of teaching and innovative teaching methods that encourage student participation and problem solving and a content that reflects changes in research.
  • Participate in curricula reform as necessary in the context of an expanding medical knowledge. taking an active part in developing new courses.
  • Promote integrated teaching for medical and other students during lectures, tutorials and clinical teaching.
  • Take part in the University examinations by preparing and administering exam questions, taking part in viva voce as well as marking exam papers and students' coursework.
  • Strive for the holistic development of the student by providing sound knowledge, the highest analytical ability.
  • Instilling in the student the concern for ethical and moral values.
  • Undertake a pastoral role - acting as academic advisor to students.
  • Conduct high quality research in area of specialization and interest and actively contribute to the institution's research profile.
  • Take advantage of locally available research funds to conduct research of national priority.
  • Pursue to the extent possible external funding.
  • Publish at least one paper a year in high impact professional and scientific journals.
  • Develop and maintain a competitive research group in a recognized area of research in health and allied sciences.
  • Supervise and guide students as well as junior staff members of the Department in research projects involving health sciences.
  • Develop an educational research portfolio in an area relating to local needs and study for a higher degree in medical education.
  • Disseminate research findings both nationally and internationally.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in other institutions of higher learning in research.
  • Participate actively in departmental administrative tasks in areas like student admissions, induction courses, departmental committees and faculty board meetings when called upon to do so.
  • Manage and supervise junior staff in the Department and be prepared to take up the role of head of Department when called upon to do so.
  • Participate in departmental, professional conferences and seminars, and contribute to these as necessary.
  • Establish collaborative links outside the University with industrial, commercial and public organizations and institutions of higher learning.
  • Make yourself accessible to students and make sure you are available during office hours; else your whereabouts should be known to peers/Head of Department.
  • Make sure you observe University policies and procedures.
  • Provide performance appraisal (or confidential) reports timely as may be requested by the department from time to time.
  • Assist in identifying internal and external examiners for courses under your care.
The deadline is Friday 14th December, 2021 at 04:30 pm.
Applications must be addressed and sent to:

P.O. BOX 1464,
Or E-Mail to: [email protected] 

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