Tips for certain terms in the pccb interview announcement 2021

PCCB (TAKUKURU) 2021 Tanzania’s Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau was founded to find corrupt officials. President Joseph Pombe Magufuli has been credited with strengthening the PCCB, which had previously been described as a “toothless dog”

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Call For Interview at PCCB (TAKUKURU) 2021: yesterday pccb issued an announcement inviting job applicants to the interview.The names of respondents were revealed,If you haven't seen it, click here

pccb provided various details about the announcement:

  • The existence of  explanatory tests(aptitude tests)
  • The interlocutor must fill out the information in a special form.
  • Details of interview location, time and date

what is aptitude test in interview

An aptitude test is an assessment used to determine a candidate's cognitive ability or personality. They're extremely common in job assessments as they can be used to predict the likelihood of a candidate's success in a job role, whilst eliminating any bias through its standardised administration.

list aptitude test measure |What is included in aptitude test?

Aptitude tests (sometimes referred to as cognitive ability tests) are ability tests designed to assess abilities such as:

  • logical reasoning or mental ability
  • numerical reasoning, 
  • verbal reasoning,
  • diagrammatic reasoning or mechanical reasoning.
who should fill out the pccb special form?
who appear only  on the names of those summoned to the interview by pccb
  • Dodoma Dar Es Salaam Chalinze 16,700-24,100 452km
  • Dodoma Arusha Babati 15,600-22,600 424
  • Dodoma Babati Kondoa 9,600 1-3,800 260km
  • Dodoma Bukoba Singida 36,900-53,300 1,001km
  • Dodoma Iringa Mtera 9,800-14,200 266km
  • Dodoma Kibaha Chalinze 15,600-22,600 424km
  • Dodoma Kigoma Singida 42,600-57,400 1,068km
  • Dodoma Lindi Dar 33,600-48,500 911km
  • Dodoma Mbeya Iringa 22,300-32,100 604km
  • Dodoma Morogoro Gairo 9,600 13,800 259km
  • Dodoma Moshi Babati 18,800-27,100 509km
  • Dodoma Mtwara Dar 37,300-53,800 1,010km
  • Dodoma Musoma Singida 34,100-49,200 924km
  • Dodoma Mwanza Singida 25,900-37,400 702km
  • Dodoma Shinyanga Singida 19,900-28,700 539km
  • Dodoma Singida Manyoni 8,800-12,700 239km
  • Dodoma Songea Iringa 26,600-38,400 721km
  • Dodoma Sumbawanga Iringa 34,600-49,900 937km
  • Dodoma Tabora Singida 21,200-30,700 576km
  • Dodoma Tanga Chalinze 21,400-30,900 581km
Top Criminal Investigator Interview Questions with detailed advice for both hiring managers and candidates.
Note: Source Of Distances Tanroads
*approved Rates Per Passenger Km- Ordinary (Paved Rd) 36.89; Ordinary (Unpaved Rd) 46.11; Semi Luxury 53.22

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