What should I do if I get a bad result on the Form 4 exam necta?

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For those who didn't do well in 2021 | matokeo.ya kidato cha nne
There's no reason to stay home without talking about the consequences as an excuse. Anyway, whatever the outcome, you can keep reading." 
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What to do? 
Before I told you what to do I would first like to bring all back from the desperate line for bad results. I would like to advise my younger ones in a period where some of you would be happy or unhappy after the form four  results were announced.

I ask God to make my advice a great help to those who have not done well in the exam and  get discouraged, also to those who happy to have been successful and that they have begun to succeed in future examinations or to fail  for future examinations

Remember that today's happiness can be the foundation of tomorrow's joy, and today's sorrow can be the beginning of tomorrow's happiness. Sorrows do not last, but thorns also produce a charming and sweet spice.

The candidates who did not perform well in this season should not give up. The problem was not evaluation, but the outcome of  evaluation. The results of the final test did not differ from the results of the farmer's in a field,  If  farmer s  did not making a profit, why does the farmer get back into agriculture and reflect the problem leading to loss?

The same example of a flower blooming from a thornbush teaches us that  there is hope that can be achieved even in despair. If you find unsatisfactory results, don't despair, meditate and you will see the way. Even though it is small, often a smaller road leads to a larger road ahead. Just follow along and  you will see the path grow bigger and bigger.

Some people have experience to pass on a area which have no way, they become the first and then others see the way by following their feet. When you start the way, the day you return will be surprised to see and others have passed and the end becomes an eternal road for many..

What causes students to fail?
A bad result on exam is not necessarily to be  your fault. In fact, there are many factors that contribute to bad results as follow:
  • One for teachers, meaning test organizer,  
  • second for students,
  • third for learning environment and  infrastructure,
  • fourth education policy 
  • fifth education management and politics

Sometimes it was all right to say that the student is better, the teacher is better, the environment is so elusive etc. but the result was bad. 
There is something to focus on why the student still fails, but I'm not talking right now because it can not change the outcome, the main thing is to think what's going on.

For a student who is still study hard but still unsuccessful, it's not different from the marathon runner who has found an accident, should he keep lying down there because some other already leave him at long distance? Who knows that those who are infront can also fall and then be dropped? And does the race have only one winner?

Failure to pass exam is not mean failing in life and if so we would find many people who failed school exam also failed in life or survive shortly after the exam results.

Unfortunately things change too much. The main thing is to reproduce this. Don't ask why. Perhaps you are asking what to do now when God gives you an answer through advice.

The world has many opportunities. There are so many opportunities in the world, if you start to work hard you will find success and success is the beginning of happiness and more prosperity I advise you to stay down, think, take time, try the other opportunities, pray very much to God, you will succeed

What you need is to do not run away from the challenge but believe that "you would  not limit your challenges but let challenge be your limits

If the result starts with a D but misses 3 points, here's how to keep it up to form five:
  • Repeat exams
  • Read the certificate level (you must have 4 D)
  • Join Veta
If you're totally zero, there is a system of certificates that you can connect to until you reach goals
  • make special certificates {here you have to have D from two}
  • continue with the Form five  part of UK examinations, Cambridge and Ed excel
How do you feel better after a bad exam result?
1. Repeat exams
One of the easiest ways to make your dream come true is  to decide to take the exam. We have a private candidate system because our education system gives you the opportunity to retake the exam.
Back to class for reading. High School often retakes form four exams at a low cost through a special program for students. Search for these schools but be careful about the centers called in  English Tuition Centers that most care about the interests than quality of education.

2. Studying Form Five at the same time you get Form Four training
There is a style of Students who fail fourth grade to decide to enter into form five  but  repeat their form four  examinations.they are obliged to read the lessons of the form four examinations but also reading  new form five lessons. This is a self-deception, in this fashion, the students  can not read in detail the form five lessons, student  will read in trap so that  can only read for internal exam.Worse it is when some of them get to the point of talking with their teachers should not give them- form five examination for reasons they are attempt form four exams

3. Read the certificate level (you must have 4 D)
Another opportunity to grow is to start at the certification level and study a variety of areas. It should be noted that educational vocational certificates are sufficient to measure and getting a job. For someone who dreams to study more, work earnings can be used as a tool to help them continue their studies in advanced subjects.

According to the education system, many secondary education institutions across the country offer a variety of foundation diploma courses, which are well known to form four and form six graduates.After receiving your diploma or  basic certificate, you can continue your studies to the advanced certificate level. You get a diploma and eventually get the opportunity to pursue a higher education at university.

This can be a great round trip, but do not forget:- The word of the seers: patience endures must eat good things. There are those who endured  now is the boss they are enjoying the fruit of it the long journey to education. For those who pay attention to this sequence of study courses with Diploma can get so far. You can reach the university using this method of reading. there universities that admit students who attended this system. but your college must be validated by nacte

Note:-However, there many training colleges at the level of the certificate, but some of them have no reputation and are not recognized by nacte. Before joining to any college, search for information in the council,  In Congress, website www.nacte.go.tz

4. Join Veta
Another opportunity used by some students who are failed form four exam, is to study technical studies at colleges administered by The Vocational Educational and Training Authority  (Veta). A lot of people have had a negative attitude on  Veta colleges and  forget that these colleges have a great deal of support and even development more educational.

Above  all, the training base of Veta involved many modern technical experts. Currently Veta is teaching courses such as mining, tourism, technohama and other important subjects of the modern era. There is no reason to be discouraged if you still have opportunities  for academic development. If you have a dream of success follow what is said in this article you will succeed.

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