40 Internship Job Opportunities at Mawenzi Hospital Moshi 2022


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About Mawenzi Hospital

Mawenzi Hospital is a Regional Hospital located in Moshi , Kilimanjaro region , Tanzania .

It was established in 1920 as a military clinic . In 1956 Mawenzi clinic was upgraded to a hospital . In the 1970s the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (CMC) which received a lot of aid and Mawenzi hospital lagged behind for lack of financial and other assistance.

Mawenzi Regional Hospital is a busy hospital which attends to over 300 outpatients daily and has around 300 beds in its wards but the number of patients can easily rise to almost 500. In the paediatric ward, sometimes up to four kids sleep in one bed.

Art in Tanzania is organizing donations for Mawenzi hospital in order to support its staff to continue their work supporting the people of the Kilimanjaro region in northern Tanzania. In Mawenzi you will find all of the usual medical facilities including: paediatric, physiotherapy, gynaecological and prenatal, a HIV-unit, tuberculosis clinic, X-ray unit and laboratory. Besides the in-patients, more than 300 out-patients come to the hospital each day.

Internship Job Opportunities at Mawenzi Hospital Moshi 2022

Art in Tanzania has been co-operating with Mawenzi Regional Hospital for several years. They have great opportunities for medical students to undertake internships and they are constantly looking for volunteers to share their professional skills with the hospital staff.

The staff in the hospital do their very best but have few resources and outdated equipment. As a public hospital Mawenzi offers medical care to the majority of the population in the Kilimanjaro region, especially those who can’t afford private healthcare. Lack of basic equipment puts patients at risk and makes it difficult for the doctors to do their work.

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