Biomedical Engineer at Tindwa Medical and Health Services (TMHS) January 2022


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Tindwa Medical and Health Services (TMHS) is reputable, experienced, accredited company, that provides extra care and listening to its customers. We are the best one stop health services provider in Tanzania, providing the following services at international standards,

Job Title  : Biomedical Engineer

Department : Medical Services

Reports To :HOD Medical Services

Date : 16th Jan 2022.

Job Summary:

A Biomedical Engineer, or Biomedical Engineering Specialist, is responsible for developing, repair and maintenance of biomedical equipment and medical devices in order to ensure safety and functionality of all medical equipment.

Duties and Responsibilities.

  • Installing and maintaining equipment to use in a medical setting
  • designing, developing, testing and modifying products, equipment and devices
  • training staff to use equipment safely
  • maintaining equipment
  • writing reports and documentation
  • Taking steps to prevent malfunction of biomedical equipment
  • Researches and identifies new procedures, materials, energy sources, and other resources that may be used to improve or develop biomedical products and equipment.
  • Provides technical support regarding biomedical equipment.
  • Assessing the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of biomedical equipment

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Documentation skills
  • Analysing information
  • Creating a safe, effective environment
  • Infection control
  • Training management
  • Lab environment
  • Clinical lab testing
  • Confidentiality
  • Equipment calibration
  • Sterilization
  • Conceptual skills


  • Bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering/Biomedical science or related field required,


Minimum of 3 years’ experience working within the field of biomedical engineering


Interested applicants are required to submit a cover letter with current CV for consideration to [email protected] copy [email protected]  before 16th Jan, 2022.

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