Business to Business (“B2B”) Sales Executive Jobs Vacancy at TotalEnergies January 2022

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Job Description

The role of the B2B Sales Executive is to lead the affiliate's effort to manage and grow the B2B business in the Construction and Infrastructure development Sector including E&P. Responsible for managing and Growing the Construction and Infrastructure development Portfolio. The following are the key activities:

  • Responsible for the formulation and execution of the Affiliate's B2B Strategy for the Construction and Infrastructure Development Sector.
  • Studies the Market to understand and/or identify Changes in Clients requirements/needs and Competitor initiatives with the view of adopting the Company's B2B approach and developing solutions to meet these requirements within the Construction and Infrastructure Development Sector
  • Lead and manage a sales team of 1 Young Graduate Trainee
    • Responsible for training and coaching towards implementing an efficient sales process and a relationship management system that will maximize service delivery to these clients and returns to the company.
    • Responsible for ensuring implementation of Sales process and relationship management system.
  • Monitor and manage performance in respect to their objectives (Sales, GMVE, DSO, Client Relationship Management KPls)
  • Liaise with the Card, Lubricants and LPG Sales teams to manage and grow the sales of the respective product.
  • Manage tenders and lead the effort on prospection and acquisition of clients for the Construction and Infrastructure Development Sector
  • Lead the effort to ensure that TOTAL delivers on its commitment to its B2B Clients in the Construction and Infrastructure Development Sector and the clients deliver on their commitments in return.
  • Monitors the cost and pricing of the products, services and solutions offered to clients in the Construction and Infrastructure Development Sector to ensure the Sales volume and margins generated are aligned to the company's Sales-Margin objective.
  • Monitoring and contribution accounts of each their clients versus the targets set per customer, profitability studies for projects and conduct postmortem analysis for the projects within their portfolio.
  • Participates in the formulation and leads the effort to implement the affiliate's Marketing, Communication and promotions strategy for the Construction and Infrastructure Development Sector
  • Implements and monitors corporate health, Safety, environment and quality Standards/requirements in all the KB activities

Context and environment

The Construction and Infrastructure development Sector is one of the Key sectors for growth for the Business-to-Business Section, considering that Uganda governments positioning in respect to infrastructure Development both in the short and long term.

Several Projects have been commissioned or will soon be commissioned, some as government projects and other as Public and private Partnerships. Several competitors are involved and are developing the capability to deliver products and services onwards partnering with the Contractors to deliver these projects. The Customers are asking for more for less, the competition is no longer about just the product and/or services but the solutions, implying that we have to adapt to be dynamic, innovative and in position to create solutions that meet the client requirements, while keeping the cost loss and ensuring the Client pay for these in time.

While we have made significant progress in setting up and aligning the B2B business to the meet the Market requirement for this sector, there is still i lot to do streamline develop and adopt the affiliate's commercial offer to position it as an Energy Solutions Partners for these Clients.

Candidate profile

  • A strong and broad-based business-related degree is imperative and/or an MBA — e.g. Economics, Business Administration, Engineering, Marketing and Commerce, with a high level of numeric and Analytical skills.
  • Minimum of 5yrs experience in Sales and Marketing at a Senior Level.
  • Leadership and Communication Skills are a pre-requisite
  • Language skills: English and Chinese.

Offer ID: 51386BR

Metier: Sales general responsibilities

Region, department, area: Tanzania

Employment type: Regular position

Employer company: TotalEnergies Marketing Tanzania Limited

Deadline not Indicated , Apply ASAP 


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