Consolata Lubuva Tanzania One 2021 NECTA Form four national exam talks to the media

Consolata Prosper Lubuva 

Dar es Salaam. The national candidate for the 2021 Form Four results, Consolata Lubuva has said she will work harder to achieve her dream of becoming a pediatrician.

Here are the results of Form Four here

Speaking to Mwananchi on Saturday, January 15, 2022 at their home in the region, Consolata said he did not expect to lead nationally in the results but in the power of God.

"I'm going to study PCB so that I can be a doctor and help young children, I really want to help young children to grow up well," said the national graduate.

Consolata explained that the secret of her success was to pray to God, cooperation from teachers, parents and fellow students as well as her personal efforts.

The girl advised students who have not done well not to give up but to increase their efforts in their studies and ask God to help them.

"When I meet President Samia, first I will congratulate her for being the first female President, secondly, I will tell her I will add more effort because she has given us a better example that women and we can," said the same graduate while speaking to Citizen.

Speaking at their home in Salasala, Dar es Salaam, today she said; "The secret of this success is God, I handed over these lessons to God and he has helped me, my parents have been a great help to me and they have been a great example, for example my mother is a doctor of philosophy who has inspired me a lot," she said;

"I also tried to plan my time well and make sure I had time to read, pray and do important things at school. This is what gave me this success."

The student's mother, Beatrice Halii, said they were grateful to God for giving them laughter through their daughter and that her ability was recognized as a first grader and they developed her diligently so far.

she advised parents to recognize the children's gifts and nurture them, explaining that the girl was asking for gifts, then it is a textbook and that she really enjoys reading books to increase her knowledge.

Dar es Salaam. The girls are the brightest in the list of the top 10 students nationally in the Form Four results announced today.

Here are the results of Form Four 

This was announced today, January 15, 2022 in the region by the Executive Secretary of the National Examinations Council (Necta), Dr. Charles Msonde while announcing the results of the fourth grade, form two and form four.

The results show that eight girls have entered the list of the top ten students who did well in the Form Four results held in November last year.

Of these, seven girls are from St. Mary's School. Francis Girls in Mbeya region, another girl from Bright Future Girls School with only boys in the top ten nationally from Feza Boys schools in Dar es Salaam and Ilboru in Arusha.

Those on the list included Consolata Lubuva, Buthoi Nkangaza, Wilihelmina Mujarifu, Glory Mbele and Mary Ngoso, all from St. Joseph's School. Francis Girls located in Mbeya region.

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