Description of the 470 vacancies as announced by the Immigration Department 2022

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The Immigration Services Department is established under Section 4(1) of the Immigration Act of 1995 Chapter 54 as amended by Act No.8 of 2015.  It gives the Department the authority to control and facilitate immigration issues in the United Republic of Tanzania. The Department is one of the security organs under Ministry of Home Affairs.

Description of the 470  vacancies as of January 1, 2022 as announced by the Immigration Department

Refer to the immigration department announcement as of  January  1, 2022,  where the deadline for submitting applications is January 14 , 2022. Confusion has arisen about the eligibility criteria that applicants must meet to compete.

There have been a number of questions specifically about the qualifications of the applicant for a position in the immigration department, despite the fact that in a proclamation issued January 1, 2022 it specified the appropriate qualifications. 

Applicants still do not understand that all qualifications posted there are important and must be met in order to meet  eligibility criteria.

For example, applicants must have proof of completion of training in the National Building Army(Jeshi La Kujenga Taifa(JKT)). This certificate must be attached, and if you do not bring it, it is the same as not having the qualifications  for job offer announced by the Immigration Department

We therefore do not recommend continuing the application process for these positions as anyone who is interested in applying for this job but is found ineligible is a waste of time, money and resources.

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