Drivers Jobs Vacancy at Self Microfinance Fund Tanzania January 2022


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About Self Microfinance

SELF Microfinance Fund is a product of Government Project which was known as ‘Small Entrepreneurs Loan Facility (SELF)” formed in 1999. SELF Project was among Government programmes pursuing poverty alleviation role on behalf of the Government which was jointly funded by Government of Tanzania and African Development Bank (AfDB).

The Project focused on enhancing the contribution of the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to economic growth and reduction of poverty and to enhance microfinance industry in Tanzania through;

Wholesale loan fund to eligible Microfinance Institutions (MFIs);

Strengthening the capacity of collaborating MFIs through training and institutional support; and

Promote and sensitize the formation of new grassroots MFIs.

The performance of the Project was significantly notable, and thus it was found to be beneficial to transform the Project into a sustainable entity beyond its project life to enable it pursue further this noble role. The Cabinet sitting of 13th June 2014; assented SELF II Project to transform to Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG), which conforms adequately on status incorporation, business form, assets transfer and ownership. SELF Microfinance Fund was incorporated on 14th September 2014 under Company Act 2002 as a Company Limited by Guarantee and the main guarantor being the Government of United Republic of Tanzania through the Ministry of Finance and Planning under the Treasury Registrar.

In November 2018, The Government of Tanzania reached the decision to merge SELF Microfinance Fund (SELF MF) and UTT Microfinance (UTT MFI). The merging aimed at synergizing human capital, Financial (Capital Investment) and business opportunities that existed between the two (2) companies and reduce Government dependence. Merging the two companies provided the new formed company with synergies and economies of scale that can lead to greater efficiency and profitability.



EMPLOYER SELF: Microfinance Fund

APPLICATION TIMELINE: 2022-01-24 to 2022-02-06



i. To maintain logbooks;

ii. To ensure safety of passenger(s) during driving;

iii. To ensure safe-keeping of the vehicle and its tools;

iv. To maintain disciplined behavior, smartness and proper conduct in rendering services;

v. To maintain cleanliness of the vehicle and tools;

vi. To report promptly any defects or problems detected in the vehicle;

vii. To undertake minor repairs when necessary;

viii. To perform messenger duties such as dispatching documents/letters and collecting mail;

ix. To check validity of insurance, fees etc. and report the same to the Administrative Officer for necessary action; and

x. Perform any other functions as may be assigned by his/her supervisor.


Holders of Form IV/VI Certificate and Class “C1 or E” Driving License, Basic Driving Certificate from recognized institution with driving experience of at least one year without causing any accident.


The deadline for submitting the application is 06 February 2022.


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