Interview questions for local Executives in various district councils in Tanzania

This is good news for readers who follow and read the numerous job posted on this site. The publishers of this site know that interviewing can be difficult for you. Sometimes employers ask questions you didn't know. Candidates with moderate abilities are unlikely to succeed. So we did the research and gathered interview questions from more than 15 Popular Tanzania Distric Council  and  add them in this article as PDF files. At least if you read, you'll find self-defense skills in interviews.

Maswali ya usaili/Interview kwa  Watendaji wa mtaa katika halmashauri mbalimbali An interview is essentially a structured conversation where one participant asks questions, and the other provides answers. In common parlance, the word “interview” refers to a one-on-one conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee.

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List Of Districts in Tanzania – A list of Districts. All Districts in Tanzania have been included. Find out list of Districts in Tanzania: This guide provides the list of the most popular Districts in Tanzania to let you find your favourite Districts.
Districts are each administered by a district council. Cities are separately administered by their own councils, and while administratively within a region, are not considered to be located within a district.

Ten most populated districts
  1. Kinondoni Municipal Council, Dar es Salaam Region (1,775,049 inhabitants)
  2. Temeke Municipal Council, Dar es Salaam Region (1,368,881 inhabitants)
  3. Ilala Municipal Council, Dar es Salaam Region (1,220,611 inhabitants)
  4. Geita District Council, Geita Region (807,619 inhabitants)
  5. Sengerema District Council, Mwanza Region (663,034 inhabitants)
  6. Muleba District Council, Kagera Region (540,310 inhabitants)
  7. Kahama District Council, Shinyanga Region (523,802 inhabitants)
  8. Nzega District Council, Tabora Region (502,252 inhabitants)
  9. Lushoto District Council, Tanga Region (492,441 inhabitants)
  10. Moshi District Council, Kilimanjaro Region (466,737 inhabitants)
List of all district Click here

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