NECTA Tanzania 2022 public announcement

Public Announcement From NECTA Tanzania 2022 Chief Executive Secretary, Examinations Council of Tanzania NECTA would like to inform all people who hope to take the Form Four (CSEE) and Knowledge (QT) Test in November, 2022 as Independent Candidates that;

1. The normal Registration period will start on 01/01/2022 for a fee of Shs. 50,000 /= for CSEE registrants and Shs. 30,000/= for QT subscribers and it will expire on 28/02/2022.

In addition, they will register for late from 01/03/2022 to 31/03/2022 will pay Shs. 65,000 / = for Form Four Candidates (CSEE) and Shs 40,000/= for Qualification Test Candidates (QT) if it is a fee of usually combined with fines.

2. The candidate who will register to take the Form Four (CSEE) 2022 Examination is the one who repeats the Form Four Examination (CSEE) or has done with pass the QT Test in less than five (5) years moderately or having the same qualifications as those obtained from abroad and to be aligned with the Examinations Council of Tanzania.

3. The candidate who will register to take the Knowledge Test is the one who is looking for it qualification to take the Form Four Examination as an Independent Candidate 

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