Practical Interview Results at National College of Tourism(NCT) January 2022


About National College of Tourism (NCT)

National College of Tourism (NCT) is the only Government College in Tanzania mainland under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism which offers Hospitality and Tourism training. National College of Tourism (NCT) is fully accredited with National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) at National Technical Award (NTA) level 6 (Ordinary Diploma). The College is running four Campuses which are Mwanza (Tourism), Arusha, Bustani (based on Hospitality Operation) and Temeke Campus (Based on Tourism).

Practical Interview Results

Candidates selected to continue the interview are required to consider the time and place of the interview as specified in the call to the interview (Incase you don't have interview timetable download here).

All interviewees are required to arrive wearing Barakoa (MASK)

All candidates are reminded to arrive with their Original Certificates.

All respondents are required to arrive with their IDs


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