procedure to connect tanzanians with employment abroad is returned 2022

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A statement issued yesterday evening by the Office of the Prime Minister, Policy, Parliament, Coordination, Labor, Youth, Employment and the Disabled said the government has restored the system to provide opportunities for aspiring and qualified Tanzanians to work abroad.

“Recognizing the significant contribution of employment opportunities available abroad in the development of our country, and in view of the fact that we have a Guide for Private Agents that identifies key issues in connecting Tanzanians to employment opportunities abroad.

"We would like to inform the Tanzanian public especially the Private Employment Services Agency as well as Tanzanians who are passionate and qualified to work abroad that, activities to connect Tanzanians and employment opportunities abroad through Private Employment Services Agencies are officially restored from today (yesterday) in accordance with the New Laws, Regulations and Guidelines. ”

In July 2018, the Minister in charge of Labor and Employment suspended the Tanzanian reunification service

and employment opportunities abroad through Private Employment Services Agents. This action was due to serious violations of laws and regulations by some Agents.

The Government also took these steps to put in place a mechanism that will enable Tanzanians to benefit more from employment opportunities abroad.

"Therefore, we would like to inform the Private Employment Services Agency in the country who have found employment opportunities for Tanzanians abroad to submit their applications to the Director of Employment Services (TaESA) so that they can obtain permits to connect Tanzanians with relevant opportunities," the statement said.

In addition, the Government has stated that it recognizes and considers that in exploiting employment opportunities abroad security and basic rights for Tanzanians is a non-alternative issue and therefore the integration of Tanzanians with employment opportunities abroad must take into account acceptable employment standards and International Labor Organization (ILO).

The statement said those who are unlicensed and have employment opportunities abroad should submit an application for a license to the Labor Commissioner with a one-year non-refundable registration fee of Sh500,000. 

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