Security Manager Jobs Vacancy at dnata Zanzibar January 2022

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Job Purpose

The role is responsible for monitoring the security operations for dnata Zanzibar. The Security Manager will implement security policies, regulations, rules, and norms and make sure that the environment in their organization is safe for employers and visitors.

Role KPIs:


  • - Compliance with operational procedures and instructions
  • - % Work completed in a timely manner
  • - On-time service delivery schedules


  • - Responsible for complying safety/security standards & policy relevant to his/her function
  • - Always ensure use of PPEs according to the requirements of the respective area
  • - Always report hazards/incidents observed in the workplace


  • - Day to day cost of operations


  • - % of work completed in a timely manner
  • - Number of compliance checks completed per cycle
  • - Frequency of coordinating with the peers to achieve project completion


  • - % of Customer Satisfaction
  • - Resolution of Customer complaints and outstanding issues
  • - % of Adherence of SLA


  • - Understand and implement the company safety & environmental policy.
  • - Appreciate the responsibilities of personnel under their authority and ensure that each employee knows his/her responsibility and are equipped to play their part.
  • - Conduct Risk Assessments on activities within their department ensuring that the methods and systems of work are safe and secure. Also, that the necessary procedures, rules and regulations designed to achieve this are formulated, published and applied.
  • - Ensure that all safety equipment and personal protective equipment’s (PPE’s) provided are used according to the requirements of the respective area.
  • - Ensure accident and near-miss reporting procedures are understood and complied including Ontime reporting, Investigations and CAPA Closure. Also, assist with accident investigations where appropriate.
  • - Ensure the provision of PPEs to existing and all new employees.
  • - Reprimand any employee for failing to discharge their health and safety & environmental responsibilities.
  • - Set a personal example with regard to health and safety matters.


  • - Supervise the security coverage of all related activities ensuring security through maintenance of effective checks on passengers’ baggage and cargo.
  • - To supervise and monitor activities of any agency or company contracted to perform third party security related activities.
  • - To show a high level of Leadership to direct / instruct security guards / departmental heads related security coverage activities.
  • - To liaise with government agencies, security agencies and privately hired security guards together information for any possible threats.
  • - Successfully manage the recourses made available ensuring that staff is well disciplined and motivated in order to provide a high level of services.
  • - Undertake various administration duties delegated by senior management.
  • - To ensure that the services offered by the staff are efficient, professional and of highest possible standards and that flight leaves without compromising safety and security.
  • - Deal with any unforeseen circumstances.
  • - To supervise security coverage to all contracted carriers with maintaining of high professional attitude.
  • - To send regular reports as well as special incident reports on security related activities within departments.
  • - To keep abreast of all developmental and to sources all information in order to prompt any security incident.
  • - Jobholder will be required to use initiate and make decision, not necessarily covered in existing instruction covered in existing instructions, based on the information available at the time and in what is perceived to be the best interest of the company.

Qualifications & Experience

  • - Minimum Graduate level of education, equivalent, fluent spoken and written English.
  • - Must have good interpersonal skills, pleasant personality and sound good health.
  • - 5+ years of experience in same field.
  • - Must have complete relevant and recognized professional courses.
  • - Able to work independently as front-line supervisor, leadership qualities essentially required.

Salary & Benefits

A career within the aviation and travel industry with great learning and development opportunities. We aim to be the most admired air and travel services provider and employer of choice!  We offer an attractive salary, on top of healthcare insurance. 

NOTE: Deadline for the application is Jan 17, 2022

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