Special Secretary/ Katibu Mahsusi Jobs Vacancy at Kilwa DC January 2022


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About Kilwa DC

Kilwa District (Swahili language: Wilaya ya Kilwa) is one of the five districts of the Lindi Region of Tanzania. As of the 2012 census, the population was Kilwa district was 190,744, making it the 2nd most populous district in Lindi region. The district seat (capital) is the town of Kilwa Masoko. The district is named after the medieval Swahili city state of Kilwa Kisiwani.

The are that is now Kilwa district has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years. The area is the ancestral home to three Bantu people groups, namely the Mwera people and the Matumbi people together with the Machinga people. However, Kilwa district is known globally for its Middle Ages Swahili historical sites on the islands Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara which are part of the seven Tanzanian World Heritage Site. The Swahili city-state of Kilwa was once the greatest Swahili port city that met an unfortunate end on July 1505 when the Portuguese burned and looted the city. In the 1866 the area of what is now Kilwa district was occupied by Germans who established their headquarters at Kilwa Kivinje and used it as a based to quell the Maji Maji rebellion that was based on the Matumbi Hills north of the Kilwa district.

In 1918 when Tanganyika became a British protectorate, Kilwa Masoko was chosen as it is the district seat and they built a deepwater port to assist with their commercial vessels. To this day Kilwa Masoko remains the capital of Kilwa district.

Job Vacancy Announcement

Job Position: Special Secretary/ Katibu Mahsusi- Position 1

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Letter printing, general information
  • Helping to receive guests and ask them about their problems and directing them to places where they can be dealt with
  • To assist in keeping records of appointments, meeting dates, travel of his or her supervisor and other scheduled work schedules in the office where he / she works and to notify his / her superior in a timely manner.
  • Assist in clarifying and providing the supervisor with files, documents or anything else in office work.
  • Assisting to convey the instructions of his / her supervisor to his / her assistants and also to inform them of any information he / she is being given by such assistants.
  • To help receive files, distribute them to officers in his area and collect them, maintain and return them to
  • Other work to be assigned by the employer.

Applicant Qualifications

  • Must be a fourth / sixth form graduate
  • Must have attended ministerial training and passed the third stage examination.
  • Have passed the Kiswahili and English Shortcut lesson with 80 words per minute.
  • Should have received computer training from any government-recognized college and obtained a certificate in Windows, microsoft office, Internet, E-mail and Publisher programs.
Salary level is TGS B.

General Terms

  • All applicants must be Tanzanian Citizens
  • All applicants must be between the ages of 18-45
  • All applicants must attach a birth certificate
  • All applicants should attach a personal information (CV) containing the address and reliable telephone numbers and two names of sponsors
  • Applications should be accompanied by a single image (Recent Passport size and tagged in the background).
  • Applications should be accompanied by copies of academic / school certificates and college graduation certificates.
  • All applicants should attach a copy of National Identity Card (NIDA) - For those who do not have such IDs, NIDA numbers should be entered on the CV.
  • All applications should be sent by Post using the following address: -

Executive director,

District Council,

P.O.BOX 160,


The deadline for applications is 13/01/2022 at 9:30 PM.

NB: Applications that will be submitted by hand will not be processed. 

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