Various Driving Jobs Vacancy in Tanzania January 2022

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About Driver/ Dereva ni nani?

A Driver, is responsible for transporting packages from a packaging plant or warehouse location to businesses and residential properties. Their duties include loading parcels into their vehicle, using a navigation system to map their route and delivering parcels to the correct addresses in a timely manner.

 We are looking for punctual candidates with good time management skills for the position of driver. Drivers are responsible for delivering packages to clients in a timely manner, working on nights and weekends and ensuring that vehicles are always ready for use, among other duties.

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Various Driving Jobs Vacancy in Tanzania January 2022

A driver is responsible for transporting either cargo or passenger from one location to another. They are responsible for the safe transit of the passengers or cargo. A few of the main duties of a driver are following traffic laws, correctly following the right route, ensure that there is enough gas, and maintain a clean car interior. They also have to be very timely and know where they are going.

A driver does not need any experience but should have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. One of the most important skills that a driver will have is their ability to navigate through traffic. Another skill is upbeat attitude as the driver will need to make sure that the clients are satisfied with their service. They also need to be able to drive defensively to protect the passengers or cargo.

Driver duties and responsibilities

Drivers are responsible for transporting clients or handling deliveries in a timely manner, and they may have to work nights and weekends to accomplish their duties. Common duties and responsibilities for drivers are to:

  • Transport clients and/or packages to and from destinations
  • Arrive at destinations on schedule
  • Fulfill administrative needs, like office pickups
  • Research and plan for traffic, construction and weather delays
  • Use navigation applications to determine the best route
  • Interact with clients professionally at all times
  • Ensure that the vehicle is always fueled and ready for use
  • Arrange for vehicle repairs as needed
  • Keep mileage records and repair records up-to-date
Various Driving Jobs Vacancy in Tanzania January 2022

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