5 Electricity Assistant Trainer Community Development Jobs Opportunities at Ministry of Education(MOE) 2022


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About Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training is a ministry of the Tanzanian government responsible for the provision of education, vocational training and policy on science and technology

The Ministry was formed by President John Magufuli and was created as an amalgamation of responsibilities from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and the Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology. The communications role was merged into the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications.

Major Responsibilities of the Ministry

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  • Formulate and Implement Policies for Education, Science, Research, Library Services, Science, Technology, Design and Development of Vocational Training;
  • developing Basic Education by Providing Teacher Training and Professional Development of Teachers;
  • Identifying and Developing Talents;
  • overseeing the Development of Training in Citizens Development Colleges;
  • overseeing the National Reward System;
  • classifying Country Needs in Skills and Development;
  • setting Teacher Teaching Standards;
  • overseeing School Accreditation and Control;
  • managing Academic Publishing Services;
  • Supporting / Enhancing the Application of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics;
  • developing Local Specialists in Science, Technology and Innovation;
  • research in Science and Technology;
  • Human Resource Development and Productivity Increasing Staff under the Ministry; and
  • Coordinating the Activities of Departments, Organizations, Agencies, Programs and Projects under the Ministry.
5 Electricity Assistant Trainer Community Development Jobs Opportunities

POST: Assistant Trainer Community Development II (Electricity) - 4 Post


EMPLOYER: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

APPLICATION TIMELINE: 2022-02-23 2022-03-08



  • Teaching courses of various disciplines taught in colleges;
  • Preparing the flow and sequence of lessons;
  • Managing practical lessons;
  •  Testing students during practice and exams;
  • Conduct research on training needs in the community around the college;
  • Preparing a syllabus;
  • To make arrangements for the conduct of training;
  • Preparing teaching illustrations;
  • Conducting out-of-college training (Outreach Programs); and
  • Composing, Managing and Correcting Exams.


Qualifications are Form Four / Six graduates who have graduated with a Diploma from a Government-recognized College in Electrical Engineering



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