Call For Interview at Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) February 2022

Call For Interview at Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) February 2022 | 
ajira portal kuitwa kwenye usaili tra
Secretary of the Secretariat for Employment in the Public Service on behalf of the Authority Tanzania Revenue (TRA) would like to inform all job applicants that The interview is expected to run from 05 – 21 March, 2022 and finally arrange job centers for job applicants who will pass the interview. walioitwa kwenye usaili tra 2022.
Respondents called for interview should adhere to the following instructions: -
  • Interviews will be held 05 - 21 March, 2022 as indicated in this announcement;
  • the time and place at which the interview will take place is specified for each cadre;
  • Each interviewee is required to arrive at the interview site dressed Barakoa (Mask);
  • Every Interviewee should have an ID for identification;
  • Acceptable IDs include: - Resident ID, Voter ID, Job ID, Citizenship ID or Passport;
  • Candidates are required to arrive with their REAL CERTIFICATES, starting with the certificate of birth, Form IV, VI, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Degree and continue to depend on the Qualifications of the Applicant;
  • Interviewees who will present "Testimonials", "Provisional Results", “Statement of results”, Form IV and VI results documents (form V and form VI results slips) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED CONTINUED WITH INTERVIEW;
  • Each interviewee will pay for Food, Transport and Accommodation;
  • Each interviewee should take into account the date, time and place of the interview;
  • For applicants who have studied outside Tanzania should verify their Certificates have been approved and approved by the relevant Authorities (such as TCU, NACTE or NECTA);
  • Job applicants whose names did not appear in this advertisement should be identified that they did not meet the criteria. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply again for vacancies when they are advertised and comply with the requirements of the relevant advertisement;
walioitwa kwenye usaili tra 2022 | Call For Interview at Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) February 2022


Tangazo la kuitwa kwenye usaili tra
The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) was established by Act of Parliament No. 11 of 1995, and started its operations on 1st July 1996. In carrying out its statutory functions, TRA is regulated by law, and is responsible for administering impartially various taxes of the Central Government Call For Interview at Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) February 2022.

TRA core values are a handful of moral boundaries within which TRA operates. They define TRA’s personality and are ethical standards by which TRA would be measured. The values are a commitment to the stakeholders and are incorporated into all actions taken by the organization. walioitwa kwenye usaili tra 2022 | Call For Interview at Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) February 2022

a) Professionalism: We are committed to applying the law consistently, responsibly and with credibility using the skills and knowledge as a prerequisite in administering our requirements.

b) Accountability: We create and sustain an organization that values and promotes accountability

c) Integrity: We believe in being fair and honest in all our dealings with taxpayers and other stakeholders
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