10 New Jobs Opportunities at Ministry of Water 2022


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10 New Jobs Opportunities at Ministry of Water 2022

The Ministry of Water is the government ministry principally responsible for water supply, water resources, in Tanzania. The ministry’s offices are located in Dodoma. The work of the ministry is divided into the core function, relating to water, and the support function, relating to administrative work.

The core function includes the following divisions: Water Resources Division, Water Supply and Sanitation Division, Water Quality Services Division. The 1991 Water Policy aimed to ensure that by the year 2000 all citizens have access to clean and safe water to meet their needs.

Despite the successes, the policy had the following shortcomings: non-participation of the Private Sector and citizens in planning, implementing and managing rural water projects; emphasis on water supply rather than the management, development and management of water resources; and lack of specific policy implementation strategies.

The Mission is To improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation services to all, and manage water resources so as to ensure national food security and sustainable industrial based economic development. The vision of the 10 New Jobs Opportunities at Ministry of Water 2022  is To have a water secure country, where people have sustainable access to sufficient quantity and quality of water to meet human, economic and environmental needs.

10 New Jobs Opportunities at Ministry of Water 2022

The Secretary of the Secretariat for Employment in the Public Service on behalf of the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Water welcomes job applications from qualified and capable Tanzanians to fill ten (10) vacancies as outlined in this announcement.

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