979 Temporary Job Opportunities At Mbeya District Council, March 2022

Mbeya District Council Jobs is one of seven (7) Mbeya Regional Councils; others are Mbarali, Chunya, Kyela, Rungwe, Busokelo and Mbeya City. This Council is located between Latitude 7 ° and 9 ° South of the Equator and Longitude 33 ° and 35 ° East of Greenwich. The district borders Mbarali and Makete Districts to the east, Rungwe and Ileje to the south, West to Mbozi, Momba and North Chunya District. Mbeya District Council is made up of three divisions which are Tembela, Isangati and Usongwe. Following the establishment of the Mbalizi Small Town Authority in 2014, Mbeya District Council has a total of twenty-eight (28) Wards, 140 Villages and 931 Suburbs with a total of 74,468 households. In addition, Mbeya District Council has a total of 38 Councilors, 28 of whom are elected councilors and 10 are Special Seats Councilors. Mbeya District Council has one parliamentary constituency known as Mbeya rural constituency.

979 TEMPORARY JOBS AT MBEYA DISTRICT COUNCIL, March 2022 | Call Postikodi Jobs March 2022

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The District Council is hiring for 979 positions. Read full details through the PDF FILE attached below:


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