Names Called For Work TANAPA 2022


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Names Called For Work TANAPA 2022 

The Secretary of the Secretariat for Employment in the Public Service would like to inform TANAPA job applicants who interviewed on January 28, 2022 that the results of successful job applicants are as set out in this advertisement.

Successful applicants are required to take job placement letters at the Offices of the Secretariat for Employment in the Public Service located at the University of Dodoma (UDOM) at the Dr. Asha Rose Migiro, before going to report to the camp for training.

Applicants mentioned in this announcement will be required to attend military training for a period of six (6) months before being officially employed by the Tanzania National Parks Agency (TANAPA). The training is expected to officially start at the Likuyu Sekamaganga training center.

Thus all Names Called For Work TANAPA 2022 will be required to report on March 26, 2022 Namtumbo Urban at 3:00 am where they will be received and transferred to Likuyu Sekamaganga training center. In addition everyone will be required to have the following equipment; truck suit, rubber, T-shirt, bukta, day pack / rucksack, socks (pairs available) and any other materials that are essential in participating in the training.

In addition, successful job applicants are required to report according to the instructions in this advertisement with original Certificates of Origin from Form Four onward to be verified by the employer before being admitted for training and given a post-employment letter. complete their training.

For those whose names are not included in this advertisement should note that they did not get a vacancy / failed the interview, so do not hesitate to apply once again when vacancies are advertised.

NB: Applicants who come to pick up their letters should be wearing a mask

Names Called For Work TANAPA 2022 

Names Called For Work TANAPA 2022 
Note: jiunge na mamia ya watanzania wanaosaka kazi kushare tips BOFYA HAPA

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