New 23 Job Opportunities at Maweni Regional Referral Hospital 2022


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New 23 Job Opportunities at Maweni Regional Referral Hospital 2022
Kigoma Region is located in the Western Part of Tanzania. It share borders with four Regions and two Countries: Kagera Region and Republic of Burundi to the North; Katavi to the South; Tabora and Geita to the East and Democratic Republic of Congo to the West. Job Vacancies at Maweni Regional Referral Hospital

About Maweni Regional Referral Hospital

This is Maweni Regional Referral Hospital (RRH) CHOP for the year 2017/18. The process of developing this plan involved RRHMT members and all key stakeholders. This plan involved various sources of fund with a focus on addressing three service areas of RRH (clinical services, support services and research and training) and 10 functions of RRHMT (Planning, Monitoring and reporting, Human resource management, Finance management, Material resource management, Information management and research, Referral system, Supportive supervision, Health promotion and disease prevention and Emergency preparedness and response). The National Health policy 2007, Kigoma RHMTstrategic plan and other health guidelines have been utilized during developing this plan and hence make it comprehensive In the year 2015/16, RRH planned to conduct 18 activities, up to the end of the year, four activities were fully implemented, nine were partially implemented and five were not implemented, because fund was not released as planned. It has the following financial status.

It lies between latitudes 3.6 and 6.5 degrees and longitudes 29.5 and 31.5 east of the Greenwich Maweni Regional Hospital was granted Referral Hospital certificate through Government Gazette No. 828 of 12 November, 2010.

Maweni Regional Referral Hospital is the Regional Referral Hospital of Kigoma Region. It was opened in 1972, aimed at providing health services to people of Kigoma urban. It is now serve as level II health facility which receives patients from all Councils in the Region and it is a referral centre for refugees from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi.

The Office of the Chief Physician of Maweni Kigoma Regional Referral Hospital announces 23 vacancies for various cadres as outlined in the Table below. Selected applicants will be assigned to work in areas of need. The vacancies advertised are as follows: –

New 23 Job Opportunities at Maweni Regional Referral Hospital 2022


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