New Jobs Opportunities At Hanang District Council March 2022


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New Jobs Opportunities At Hanang District Council March  2022
About Hanang Dc

Hanang District is one of the six districts of the Manyara Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by the Mbulu District and Babati Rural District, to the southeast by the Dodoma Region and to the southwest by the Singida Region. Mount Hanang is located within the boundaries of the district.

According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of the Hanang District was 205,133.[1] According to the 2012 Tanzania National Census, the population of Hanang District was 275,990.[2]

The District Commissioner of the Hanang District is Moses B. Sanga

As of 2012, Hanang District was administratively divided into 25 wards.

Hanang’ is one of the five District situated in Manyara Region. It covers 3,639 Sq. Kms with Population density of 78 people per Sq.Km. It has 5 Division, 33 Wards, 96 Villages and 414 Hamlets

The Vision of the District is that “The Council aspires to be an Institution of excellence in providing high quality and sustainable services by 2025” while the Mission remains that “The Council will provide improved social-economic services through maximum utilization of the available resources”.

Objective of the Investment profile is to expose resources found in the District and therefore to attract investors and tourism industry hence brings the economy growth.

Hanang’ District lies in the Northern part of Tanzania located between longitudes 34º45” and 35º48” degrees east of the Greenwich meridian and latitudes 4º25” and 5º degrees south of Equator and. It shares common borders with Mbulu and Babati districts in the north, Kondoa and Singida districts to the south and Iramba district to the west. 

New Jobs Opportunities At Hanang District Council March  2022

Deadline for application is Sunday 7th March, 2022 on 4.30pm
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