New Temporary Job Opportunities at Tanga City Council

Temporary Job Vacancies at Tanga City Council | nafasi za kazi halmashauri ya Jiji la Tanga 2022

Mainland Tanzania (Tanganyika) has been under German colonization from 1884 to 1916 and the British from 1917 to 1961. Tanganyika gained independence through peace.

Tanga District is one of the Districts established during the colonial period under the North East Province with its Headquarters in Tanga. After Independence in 1961 the Government developed an administrative system at the Central and Local Government levels and later changes were made to meet the wishes of the patriotic Government. Tanga District originally included Muheza, Mkinga and Tanga Districts itself

Since 1961 Tanga District has had a City Council which was upgraded to a Municipal Council in 1983 and a City Council in 2005.

Geography and Boundaries

The city of Tanga is located at latitudes 38o53 ’and 39o10’ eastward and latitudes 5o and 5o16 ’south of the Equator. Tanga City is located in the North East of Tanzania, bordering Muheza District Council on the West and South, North Mkinga District Council and East Indian Ocean. Tanga is located 350 km north of Dar es Salaam and 250 km south of Mombasa.


Tanga District is headed by the District Commissioner assisted by the Tanga District Administrative Secretary on behalf of the Central Government. Leadership on behalf of Local Government is headed by the Deputy Mayor and City Director, Executives and Councilors.

Tanga City Council has Hon. Eligible Mayor 1, has a total of 37 Councilors of whom 27 are elected and 10 are Special Members

Tanga City is the Tanga Regional Headquarters. Tanga City has a total of 4 Divisions, 27 counties and 181 counties. Tanga City is divided into urban and suburban areas where a total of 16 counties are located in the city, and 11 counties outside the city. The city has one constituency which is Tanga constituency

Temporary Job Vacancies at Tanga City Council – March 2022 , Please download the full advert below.

Nafasi za Ajira za Muda kutoka Halmashauri ya Jiji la Tanga, Kukusanya Taarifa za Anwani za Makazi Na Postikodi – March 2022 , Soma Tangazo rasmi Kama ifuatavyo:


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