Internship Vacancies at Power Providers Tanzania 2023

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Internship Vacancies at Power Providers Tanzania 2023

Internship Vacancies at Power Providers Tanzania 2023

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Power Providers Tanzania is one of the leading renewable energy providers in Tanzania. Power Providers was established in 2007 in order to develop an energy-specific market niche. Internship Opportunity at Power Providers Tanzania

With over fifteen years of experience, a range of internationally recognized best-brand products, and a well established support structure, we are well-positioned to offer flexible, reliable energy solutions that are uniquely tailored to the requirements of customers across Tanzania and Eastern Africa.

Internship Vacancies at Power Providers Tanzania 2023

The basis of the technological support offered is derived from the relationships developed with leading global renewable energy players such as Xantrex, Victron Energy, Outback, Surrette, Deka, Trojan, Morningstar, Magnum Energy, Lorentz and Suntech. Accordingly, we have access to the leading edge of international developments in the renewable energy field and can provide our clients with the most appropriate technology, equipment, software, accessories and services.

Power Providers employ skilled professionals who are trained to understand the unique energy needs of each customer we work with, and who specialize in designing and installing specific solutions for each of our clients.

Internship Vacancies at Power Providers Tanzania 2023

The company is looking to hire qualified and eligible individuals to fill a new internship positions explained in details below. 

Design Engineer  Vacancies:


  • To prepare technical installation drawings for the Solar pump and solar power system using AutoCAD.
  • To prepare the design drawings and list of materials for fabricating frame (Roof mounting solar frame and  Ground Mounting solar Frame) and other components such as cabinet housing box, pump and pipe support, borehole security box, etc. 
  • To engage with our technicians to learn troubleshooting, maintenance and  repair for the solar water pump system and solar power system. 
  • To assist clients on filling pump data requirement spreadsheets and to fill solar power system load analysis. 
  • To prepare technical reports for solar water pump and solar power system projects. 
  • To perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor 
Internship Vacancies at Power Providers Tanzania 2023


  • At least a Bachelor of Engineering in Renewable Energy,  Electrical, Electrical and Electronics or any similar Degree in Engineering with good grades. An expressed interest and preferably experience in at least 1 of the  following fields; Water pumping design and installations and  Solar power systems Design and installations. 
  • Understanding of engineering drawing and principles. 
  • Knowledge of  Electrical safety. 
  • Communication skill. 
  • Data management skills 
  • Teamwork and coordination.
  • Experience with solar design software is an advantage. 
  • Possession of  Ewura Licence Class S3 is an advantage. 
  • Knowledge on how to use AutoCAD is a must. 
  • Excellent computer skills including a good knowledge of and skills in Microsoft Excel / Microsoft Word. 
  • Good spoken and written English. 
Internship Vacancies at Power Providers Tanzania 2023

Solar Technician internship Vacancies:

Assist the Technical Operations Manager in the following areas: 

  • Managing Company  Operational requirements 
  • Establishing daily technician activities management overview and tracking 
  • Installation scheduling and logistics 
  • Updating company documents i.e project planning and tracking, etc 
  • Providing technical coordinaiton to Technicians during  pre-installations, ongoing installations/projects and post installations. 
  • Report editing/writing and proofing prior to release to the clients 
  • Managing and tracking the status and progress of third party repairs 
  • Managing and tracking fabrication of PV frames, battery rack, etc 
  • Managing company  vehicles that includes Km tracking for scheduling periodic maintenance, vehicle repairs, etc.
  • Manage, track and schedule due maintenances intervention of existing installed solar power systems, power backup systems, solar water pumps, Generators, etc
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the Technical Operations Manager & Managing  Director 
Internship Vacancies at Power Providers Tanzania 2023


  • At least a Diploma/Advance Diploma in Operations management, Renewable energy engineering, Electric & Electronics engineering or related field. Should have a year of working experience in a highly technical environment. 
  • Good communication skills, Fluent English language speaking and writing. This will be tested! 
  • Ability to work on the tasks assigned independently or teamwork with minimum supervision and deliver results 
  • Knowledge of basic electric/electronics troubleshooting skills.
  • Excellent Computer skills including Google documents, sheets, etc.
  • Ability to work under pressure but still retain the ability to function and deliver results
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, think creatively and strategically. 
  • Team works spirit. Ability to coordinate and interact with other departments within the company 
  • Possession of a driving License. Minimum Class D
  • Should be registered by ERB. Possession of EWURA license is a plus 
  • Knowledge in sales is a plus
Internship Vacancies at Power Providers Tanzania 2023

 Stores and data entry internship

Stores and Data Entry Jobs Roles

  • Collection of purchased materials from suppliers or from our cargo transporters. When Procurement officer is busy / absent / on leave
  • Handing over installation materials and tools to technicians while going to site. Prepare DN’s and copies of all relevant documents. After the return of technicians from site, signed copies of DN’s from client’s should be filled properly for reference.
  • Prepare the stores report after installation and share it with the Accounts department so that the client can be billed accordingly
  • Requesting Quotes from our vendors and staying informed about the availability of the requested items as well as the lead times and Time frames that a procured item will take to reach our premises. Also you should know how to prepare cost sheets and payment summaries so that on the absence of the procurement officer, you can take charge.
  • Posting Issues of material on AccTan software, as per the Deliveries handed over by the Procurement Officer to the technicians while they are going to site to perform their jobs. On their return (once installation is completed) remember to reverse the materials that have not been used and add them back to inventory
  • Generating GRN’s. This implies receiving items purchased into the AccTan software and registering them into our inventory according to their SKU’s. This also applies to non stock items (JIT) that have been bought for specific projects. Also , receiving items physically into our stores, ensuring that they are in their best conditions & arrange them properly, after inspection. Incase of any broken items, substandard or damaged items during transportation, fill in the delivery descrepancy form AND make sure that it is signed off by the transporter and produce copies of the document for follow up.
  • Ensuring proper arrangement and organization of the WIP container. Ensure that all items are labeled as per project, and a list of material for that project is produced and made ready to proceed with, within a given time. It is your duty to make it easy to identify which materials have been purchased for that project and which ones haven’t as per the techs installation list, with proper arrangement.
  • Ensure proper filling of invoice copies, LPO’s, and GRN’s before submitting them to accounts for our references. This means that you are also responsible for the proper movement of paperwork between our suppliers, stores and our accounts department monitoring stock levels of stock items (especially fast moving stock) and installation accessories, & replenishing them timely. The stores should always be organised (with respective SKU’s to make spotchecks and stock taking easier to conduct on a monthly basis) and its your duty to make sure that it is smart and presentable at all times
  • Developing spreadsheets , inserting formulas, and developing templates that may be used for reporting and organizing data . This is to improve the quality of our reporting and to make the department’s data manageable, simple and easy to digest while making decisions
  • Perform any other duties assigned by your Manager 
Internship Vacancies at Power Providers Tanzania 2023


  • Should be hands on, sharp, communicative , takes initiative, attentive to details, goes extra miles in following up and deriving solutions to problems, Computer literate (familiarity with accounting / inventory packages is an added advantage)
  • Proficiency in the use of MsExcel, and other Ms packages (word, powerpoint etc) is very important in preparing / developing reports and presentations
  • Punctuality, discipline, positive attitude & boldness…..! this position is not for: candidates with too much excuses, candidates who abscorn, and definately not for the lazy 
  • Knowledge / experience in inventory management and procurement (certificate / diploma) is key here
  • Communicative, organised, attention to details
  • Procurement & Logistics knowledge (diploma / certificate) to facilitate comparing of quotes, vetting and generally the thought process behind purchases should be backed up with valid experience of atleast 1 year
  • Good driver with valid driving licence
Internship Vacancies at Power Providers Tanzania 2023

Mode of Application:

Interested applicants are invited to submit their application by completing the following two steps: 
  1. Fill out the application form which is accessible by clicking on the following link:  Here
  2.  Send an email to [email protected] with the subject  “Application Design Engineer  Intern or Stores and data entry internship or Solar power system Technical Operations intern or Stores and data entry internship”.  In your email please attach:
Curriculum Vitae with at least three referees 
Cover Letter 

Please note that: 

  • All candidates who fill out the application form will receive a response 
  • Applications that are sent by regular mail (post) will not be considered 
  • Professional certificates, certificates of service, and references should be available upon request 
  • Applicants who only sent an e-mail (and did not fill out the application form) will not be considered 

The deadline for submission is January 31st 2023. Interviews will be scheduled soon after the deadline. 

Internship Vacancies at Power Providers Tanzania 2023

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